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Customer Comments

“I purchased a Cathedral 125CEL a couple of years back, and it has been my favorite ever since. I play it more than all my other instruments combined. It has opened up my music world even wider, and when my bass lines are danceable and my trebles sound like a horn section, it makes me grin!!”

Aaron Rupp
Lummi Island, Washington, USA

CATHEDRAL 125CEL (Cedar Top / Mahogany Back/Sides)

“I picked up the guitar yesterday and it is fantastic! Great setup and beautiful case.”

Ralf Heusser
Escondido, California, USA

CATHEDRAL 125CEL (Cedar Top / Mahogany Back/Sides)

“Thank you, I love my Cathedral 15 guitar. It is powerful, and has a majestic sound. With lattice bracing the cedar top becomes clearer, and has a lot of bass. It's the perfect match for me. Thanks again.”

Jean-Philippe Rivest
Quebec, CANADA

CATHEDRAL 15 (Cedar Top / Mahogany Back/Sides)

“I wanted you to know that the Milagro Master Series 10-string guitar is an absolutely fabulous instrument. The materials are exceptional, and the attention to details make the guitar's appearance impeccably gracious. Itís an instrument so rich in the sonic spectrum that itís hard to set down -- even when the hours left in the day wane.”

Chris H.
Troy, Ohio, USA

MILAGRO Master Series 10S-EQ (Spruce Top / Indian Rosewood Back/Sides)

“I received the Cathedral 40 with much anticipation, and I was not disappointed. It is a truly gorgeous piece, crafted with precision and artisanship second to none. The grain on the cedar top is as tight and straight as I have ever seen, and the Madagascar rosewood is wondrous to behold. This is truly a concert level instrument, a Steinway of 10 string guitars. I have only played it for a few hours and I am in love with this guitar. Very easy to play, the sound is smooth and mellow in the entire range. The trebles are full and sweet sounding, the basses have amazing depth, and the articulation is very clean and precise. Did I mention loud? Tremendous volume, and highly resonant. You can feel the guitar vibrate as you play, and it hasn't even been played in yet! I look forward to developing as a player with this instrument.”

David Lopez
Union City, California, USA

CATHEDRAL 40 (Cedar Top / Madagascar Rosewood Back/Sides)

“The guitar came today, and Iím blown away! Itís so beautiful-sounding and beautiful-looking, Iíve been unable to put it down. The craftsmanship is superb, and the tone is warm with a good balance of brightness. Also, Stephen was extremely helpful. He selected the guitar and sent numerous emails with tips and suggestions for the transition from six to ten strings. He doesnít seem to mind answering my questions, either. An extremely pleasant buying experience, and a very satisfied customer.”

Richard Davis
Sacramento, California, USA

CATHEDRAL 15 (Cedar Top / Mahogany Back/Sides)

“I studied under a man who owned a Ramirez given to him by Segovia, he once forced me to play it in a lesson on Mozart Variations. The tone was unreal, and nothing I have played since then could rival it -- until I bought a 10-String from Cathedral Guitars. To top it off, the customer service was above and beyond, offering studies to make the transition easier, and even coming to my home in Presidio when I had a minor issue with the instrument. If I could give them 10 Stars I would, worth every cent and more.”

Jeremy Scott Gardner
Presidio, Texas, USA

CATHEDRAL 15-EL (Cedar Top / Mahogany Back/Sides, BBand A2.2 Pickup)

“I have had the Milagro for a couple of days now, and I must say I am impressed. The craftsmanship is certainly equal to any of the high-end guitars I own, Ramirez, Kohno, Oribe. The Milagro is very easy to play, with low action, and plenty of volume. The low-end response is way better than I expected from a 650mm scale-length instrument. The open E / 6th string still surprises me every time I play it -- very full and lots of depth, almost like a piano.”

David Lopez
Union City, California, USA

MILAGRO MRS10 (Spruce Top / Indian Rosewood Back/Sides)

“Absolutely the best guitar experience I have had in my 60 years of playing. Staggeringly marvelous instrument, and the pickup system is wonderful. I canít praise Cathedral Guitars enough. I have played on $10,000 dollar guitars that didnít come close to this guitar!! Amazed -- best purchase I have made in decades. Wonderful craftsmanship, astounding sound -- I am elated!”

David Kelsey
Professor Emeritus, Western Kentucky University
Department of Music Graduate + Undergrad Guitar Program

BARTOLEX SLS10CEL (Cedar Top / Rosewood Back/Sides, Cutaway, Pickup)

“I love the Cathedral 125CEL guitar and case. Iím not a classical guitar player, but a classical piano player, but I have been playing guitar since 2007. I saw Narciso Yepes in Chile a long time ago, and I have had thoughts ever since. So happy with my 10-string. Thank you for a great instrument.”

Rolando Rojas
Key West, Florida, USA

CATHEDRAL 125CEL (Cedar Top / Mahogany Back/Sides, Cutaway, Pickup)

“This Cathedral 125 is an exceptional instrument. The service is very good, and Stephen will take the time to find out what you need. I get a lot of double takes when I play this at my gigs. Many people will just sit and listen who used to be in too much of a hurry. Lots of projection, and beautiful tone -- will get you a better audience than you ever had before.”

Bruce Mclaren
Deroche, British Columbia, CANADA

CATHEDRAL 125 (Cedar Top / Mahogany Back/Sides)

“My Milagro Master Alto 11s has a very clear tone, with defined basses and trebles that are bright and singing without being harsh. It excels at contrapuntal music where the clarity of the voices is paramount, but also sounds full and rich on the more complex chords from music of later historical periods. The basses work incredibly well, with the increased scale length on the lowest 4 strings really adding to their power and clarity. The volume is also very impressive, filling the room.

The setup the guitar shipped with is also wonderful. Intonation is easily as good as any guitar Iíve ever played. Finally, the armrest and cutaway greatly add to my comfort level when playing this guitar. This guitar is as beautiful to look at as it is to play and hear. The spruce top has a beautiful, tight grain, and some lovely light figuration. If youíre thinking about an Alto guitar, I wholeheartedly recommend the Milagro Master Alto.”

Sean O'Connor
Orion Guitar Trio, Sacramento, California

MILAGRO MASTER 11S (Spruce Top / Indian Rosewood Back/Sides)

“Stephen really took time with me to understand my needs as a performer, and I'm very pleased with the guitar he selected for me. Now that I've had the guitar for over a year, and have performed with it on at least a half dozen occasions, I can attest that it is an outstanding instrument and an exceptional value. The sound quality is excellent overall, volume is good, and the bass response is powerful, without being muddy. The guitar is comfortable to play, and I absolutely love the thin, wide neck!”

Dave Clark
San Francisco, California

WEBSITES: ReverbNation, YOUTUBE 1 | 2

Bartolex SLS10 (Spruce Top / Indian Rosewood Back/Sides)

“I received my new Bartolex SLS10 guitar yesterday. First impression from my wife and I, was simply WOW!!! Its some very impressive lutherie. Surprisingly, it is not at all heavy -- I thought the wider neck would be strongly out of balance in terms of weight, but itís not -- the neck is light and slim. Itís wonderful, powerful, brilliant guitar, yet very responsive to mellow tone sultasto. The sustain is outstanding. It has great playability, very good action -- better than my Rodrigez 6 strings -- and the frets have a nice feel to the touch. The tonewoods are very well chosen for their beautiful grain patterns.

The 10-String neck is wide, but it still has a great feel because of its perfect thickness. The hardshell case was also a pleasant surprise -- very nice, and strongly built. I am very pleased with my new instrument. Your service was outstanding, delivery was fast and it was well-packed. Now, I have to get to the task of mastering it!! The sound is so great that it will be very rewarding.”

Claude Lassonde
Guitarist/Composer, Luthier
Montreal, CANADA

WEBSITES: Guitarist/Composer | Composition Video | Luthier Page

Bartolex SLS10 (Spruce Top / Indian Rosewood Back/Sides)

“If you have any apprehensions about the Bartolex / Cathedral multi-string guitars, put them aside. I purchased the Cathedral Model 15, and it is far and away THE finest instrument I have ever owned. The tone is beautiful, the extra strings are richly resonant, and the fretboard feels perfect under the fingers. Even without the four extra strings, this guitar is a steal at this price.

Pieces I've played for years take on new life on the Cathedral 15. I've played instruments with twice or thrice the price that didn't sound as good, or play as smoothly, as my Cathedral.

Don't think moving from a 6- to a 10-string is an effortless process -- it isn't, and at first it takes some practice even to hit the regular six strings accurately, but a few weeks adjustment time is enough. In the Baroque 10-string tuning, you will always have both the 6=E and 7=D strings, so you will never again have to drop down the E to the drop-D tuning.

Enthusiastically recomendeded!”

Chris Fox

Cathedral 15 (Cedar Top / Mahogany Back/Sides)

“The thought of purchasing a specialty 10-String guitar online was a bit scary at first. However, the outstanding customer service and helpful attitude of Stephen at Cathedral Guitars made this a painless process. The Bartolex SLC10 guitar turned out to be an absolute beauty. I love the contrasting woods and the clean detailing. The sound is much clearer and louder than my other guitars -- which I thought were quite decent. I'm sure this guitar is going to be a good friend for a long time. As I try out different tunings and string configurations, I might eventually get another one so I will have several tunings available within easy reach.”

Bjørn Erik Lømo
Haslum, NORWAY

Bartolex SLC10 (Cedar Top / Indian Rosewood Back/Sides)

ďThank you for the Bartolex 11c alto 11-String guitar. I can honestly say it is the best guitar purchase I've ever made! The guitar's workmanship is impressive, and the sound is rich and sonorous. The additional sound port is a great feature -- and the case looks great, and is well-built and sturdy. This instrument opens up the wonderful repertory of Dowland to Bach, and beyond. I have put together a custom set of strings, and the resulting tone quality is absolutely amazing!Ē

Randy Schum
Rochester, NY, USA

Bartolex 11c (Cedar Top / Indian Rosewood Back/Sides)

“I've had my Milagro MRC7 7-string guitar for just over half a year now, and I am growing happier with it with each passing day. This instrument has opened up many doors in my repertoire -- from Renaissance lute music to Modern works for guitar quartet -- and it holds up well against much more expensive guitars. Thank you again.”

Wiliam Wyse
Northridge, California, USA

Milagro MRC7 (Cedar Top / Indian Rosewood Back/Sides)

“The Cathedral 15 guitar arrived, and you are right -- it is a beautiful instrument! Different in sound from my other guitar, but absolutely a guitar for performance. The case is also very beautiful, thanks. I am working on Bach's BVW 997 / Partita in C, and it sounds fantastic on this guitar. It is absolutely a concert instrument, and I am very happy with it!”

ōyvind Aasgaard
Ski, Norway

Cathedral 15 (All Solid Tonewoods: Cedar Top / Mahogany Back/Sides)

“The 10-String Cathedral Guitar is the real deal. The instrument is a great option for the many intermediate-level players, such as myself. In spite of being a production guitar, it has an obvious high value to it. It took an extremely capable crew to make the Cathedral Guitar -- not to mention the very professional case -- at a very fair market price. Thanks again for your excellent service.”

Nick Mazzocca
Boston, Masssachusetts, USA

Cathedral 125Cel (Cedar / Mahogany, Cutaway, Pickup)

“I received my Bartolex SLS10 guitar today and I want to say thanks so much for this wonderful instrument. I am really loving this Bartolex 10-String!! I also liked the customer service provided. You did a great job in the lefty modification.”

Keenan Maples
Inkster, Michigan, USA

Bartolex SLS10 (Spruce / Indian Rosewood, BBand A2.2 Pickup )

“I just wanted to say that I've had my Milagro Master 11-String guitar for three days now and I couldn't be happier! The tone is beyond belief, and it is incredibly resonant. I'd like to say a huge thank you for all your help, and that if I need another classical guitar in the future I will certainly consider your guitars.”

Tom Voss
Oxford, England

Milagro Master 11s (Spruce / Indian Rosewood, Cutaway, Sound Port)

“Iíve just received the Cathedral 125Cel 10-String guitar, and IĎm very much satisfied with high quality of the instrument, and its solid sound. Iíd like to let you know that Iím happy with my purchase, and looking forward to add more Cathedral Guitars in the future.”

Kyung Shin
Burbank, California

Cathedral 125Cel (Cedar / Mahogany, Cutaway, Pickup)

“One or two strums and I knew the Milagro El Gallo flamenco guitar was worth every bit of the price. It has a very punchy Ė say, roaring Ė mid-bass, and a pleasing, balanced overall sound. Classical pieces sound good on it, and it has better sustain than many big-name flamenco guitars I have played. This is a versatile guitar.

This guitar is the real deal. Correctly thinner in dimensions than a classical guitar, and with spectacular details, including Brazilian rosewood binding, and a beautifully carved (and, goodness, even lacquered!) foot -- such as one would find in a top-class Ramirez. The rosette and purfling, in green and white tones, is gorgeous. Sound board seems to have been tuned by someone knowing what they are doing.

In sum, this Milagro El Gallo is vastly better than the price range would dictate, and it is one of the most responsive and complex-sounding instruments I have ever played. I adore it. It is perhaps the best purchase I will ever make in my life.”

Douglas Pressman
Billings, Montana

Milagro El Gallo (Cedar / Indian Rosewood)

“My Milagro Master 11-String Alto guitar arrived yesterday. The tone is astonishingly beautiful: round, full, sweet, and resonant. The tone and volume, to my amazement, were even and consistent across all strings in all registers. The instrument is responsive whether the strings are plucked near the bridge, over the sound hole, or above it, affording a great deal of variation in tone quality. I can best describe the tone as "singing". I've never played anything so alive. Volume and projection are great; I am frankly amazed. I can tell you that the sound of the instrument is far, far superior to anything I tried in my local high-end guitar store. The action was set up perfectly; nice and easy but with no fret buzz. I was on the fence for years about Bartolex. I thought it very unlikely that a top quality guitar could be produced on such a relatively modest investment. The instrument is really as good as Stephen and as many of the reviewers have said. These Milagro guitars by Neris Gonzalez are the real deal, and the beauty of what Neris has done in making them available to us cannot be overemphasized.”

Christopher Coelho
Atlanta, Georgia

Milagro Master 11 (Cedar / Indian Rosewood, ($2,975)

“My first impression of the Cathedral Model 15 is that it surpasses my expectations in every way. From the case, to the woods, to the finish -- but most of all the quality and volume of the sound. I felt at home with it at once -- the look and feel is so close to my Ramirez 1a that it is almost like getting a new Ramirez with four of extra bass strings. I was a bit curious about the combination of Cedar top and Mahogany body. No need to worry, the tonal balance is great with very good basses - trebles are also good, and I expect them to get even better after I've played it for a while.”

Niels Christensen
Copenhagen, Denmark

Cathedral 15 (Cedar / Indian Rosewood, ($1,495)

“The Cathedral Model 15 is a superb instrument, with class and tone like no other guitar. It has brought the depths and beauty of the works of J.S. Bach back to life for me.”

Tom Savadel
Bach, Prelude BMV995 video
Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania

Cathedral 15 (Cedar / Indian Rosewood, ($1,495)

“My Milagro MRS8 8-string just keeps sounding better and better. I know it is a well-crafted, solid-wood instrument, but I'm constantly surprised by this guitar. I'm very happy with this instrument.”

Andrew Baez
Swan Lake, New York

Milagro MRS8 (Spruce / Indian Rosewood, ($2,475)
“The Cathedral 15 is a wonderful guitar -- and I love playing it more than any instrument I have ever owned.

I have been playing guitar for over 40 years, and have struggled with the music of Bach and Weiss when played on a standard six-string guitar. Once I started playing my Cathedral 10-string guitar, it opened up a whole new world of expression of these works -- due to the extended range of the guitar -- as well as the wonderful sound and resonance the guitar adds to the music.

Finally with this guitar, Bach and Weiss' music has the sound and emotion it requires, which makes playing these works much easier and more enjoyable. I can't stress enough what a difference the extended range and sound of the Cathedral 15 makes when playing music of this level of artistry. If the guitar doesn't have this -- and the Cathedral 15 does -- no matter how hard you try the sound you want is just not there, and it is easy to get discouraged. Anyone who loves Baroque music and tries one of these Cathedral 10-string guitars will never be without one again.”

Steven Dawson
Vancoover, Canada

Cathedral 15 (Cedar / Indian Rosewood, ($1,495)
“The Cathedral 40 is great by the way -- the best sounding guitar I've ever owned. I have had several $15k and $20K guitars in my collection in the past, and the Cathedral 40 (a Bernabe Imperial copy by Lucio Nunez) beats them all pretty handily.”

Walt Downs
Zephyrhills, Florida

Cathedral 40 (Bernabe Imperial 10-String w/Wooden O-Port) Cedar / Madagascar Rosewood, ($3,995)

“The Bartolex SRC7CEL guitar arrived today! First impressions: Love it visually. Beautiful tonewoods with a really nice, balanced design. Love the headstock design, and all the other details, the binding, color of the wood, and the wood grain. The neck is VERY comfortable -- I'm really happy with it.

The Milagro MRC7 is beautiful, and has a HUGE sound! It's LOOOOOOOOUD! But the Bartolex also really has a very beautiful sound!! It really comes down to the acoustic sound, and I honestly am having a difficult time deciding between the two.

When I play the Milagro, I love it, and am drawn to its huge, beautiful overtones. Then I pick up the Bartolex, and it also has a very pretty, sweet sound, though not as loud. Oh well, a nice predicament to have! I decided I want to keep the Milagro! It wins for acoustic sound, and I think that's what will make me happiest. I certainly would recommend the Bartolex SRC7CEL as well, because it does have a very pretty acoustic tone, is visually beautiful, and has the convenience of the built-in pickup and cutaway.”

Diane Hubka
West Hollywood, California

Milagro MRC7 Cedar / Mahogany, ($2,195) + Bartolex SRC7CEL Cedar / Mahogany, ($1,595)

“Iíve been playing and advocating multi-stringed instruments for decades, but have previously owned just multi-stringed electric basses. So when my classical guitar of 35 years became damaged, I elected to upgrade both the guitar's quality, and number of strings. So, I began searching for a quality 7-string guitar, and found that Bartolex guitars were very competitively priced, and looked quite nice, and have been in production for 5-10 years, and hundreds of guitars already sold.

So I contacted Stephen at BartolexUSA and made the decision to purchase a 7-string Bartolex. It was worth it as the instrument is fabulous -- simply the nicest classical guitar Iíve ever seen, heard or played. The attention to detail and quality is impressive, and the bottom line is that the guitar looks beautiful, sounds beautiful, and is comfortable and easy-to-play. The fingerboard is incredible -- my fingers just glide up and down the neck. I donít know how they did it, but this guitar is ďamazingly playable.Ē The ebony reinforcement in the neck, and the adjustable truss rod are awesome features! And the case it comes with is very nice!!!

Even though my Bartolex also has a cutaway and electronics, the acoustic sound is GREAT -- rich, full, even response, and nice clear low bass response. Absolutely phenomenal. The Bartolex, with its low B and 20th fret high C has a full half-octave extra range over a standard 19-fret 6-strings, and adds a universe of possibilities Ė for classical, jazz, or just in general.

Itís obvious that both Bartolex and Cathedral value quality and want to establish a strong reputation for themselves and their instruments. I give them my highest recommendation. If youíre thinking about getting a nice guitar Ė especially a 7-, 8-, 10- or 11-String, check Ďem out and I think youíll come to the same conclusion I did. I am not affiliated with Bartolex nor Cathedral in any way, but I am so impressed by these guitars that Iím leaving my email linked to my name below so that anyone who wishes to discuss my experience can email me for further details, if they wish.”

Las Vegas, Nevada

Bartolex SRC7CEL Cedar / Mahogany, ($1,595)

“After owning my Milagro MRS7 for nearly one year, I am finally in a position to give a fair and accurate review of the guitar. When it first arrived, the guitar was visually stunning and produced very deep, resonant bass tones, but was lacking in mid-range and high-end tones. I am happy to report that this is no longer an issue. As both the finish and the woods have continued to cure, the guitar has taken on a much more balanced tone. Over the past year, the bass, mid-range and high-end tones have become nicely balanced and I no longer have to keep my nails quite so long. Of course, I am always striving to improve my tone, but during those times when everything is working, the guitar produces tones that I would describe as ethereal. It has an unexpected natural reverb effect that, if played with the right touch, can be very haunting on certain delicate pieces. The deep resonance of the bass adds incredible depth and power to the music, and, when used near the end of a piece, imparts great finality. I am still learning, growing and adapting to the guitar, but I truly love it now -- as evidenced by the amount of time that I spend with it.”

Jud Davis
Louisville, Kentucky

Milagro MRS7 Spruce / Mahogany, ($2,125)

“I would have to say that, considering the price of the guitar, the Cathedral 125 Classical Harp Guitar definitely surpasses whatever expectations I had when purchasing it online. I own another very costly guitar made in the late 1960s from Madrid, and, to be honest, the harmonics from your guitar -- of course, aided by the O-Port -- seems to have harmonic qualities that are similar (albeit, not in the same way ... but certainly comparable) to this other guitar of mine.

Aside from the initial disorientation that the extra 4 strings bring, it is a small inconvenience compared to the great possibilities that the instrument offers, in terms of sheer tonal quality. The feel of the guitar during play is smooth and I find the neck to be surprisingly comfortable, although apparently huge in comparison with the normal 6-string construction. The guitar itself, though simple in appearance, has wonderful ways of responding to light, which I noticed upon inspecting it more closely. The selection of the wood is very tasteful and of a good quality, as you can see how it shimmers in the light cast upon it.

All in all, a very good buy, a guitar I hope to record and perform with once I feel at home with it. Thank you BartolexUSA!!!”

Michael Bere
Sudbury, Ontario

Cathedral 125 Cedar / Mahogany, ($995)

“I just got the guitar -- and it sounds amazing! It sounds so beautiful, and the harmonics are unbelievable. I'm still very much impressed with the sustain, which is incredible! The high treble notes sounds great. I love this guitar!!!”

Marco Castillo
Winnipeg, Manatoba

Bartolex SRS7CEL Spruce / Indian Rosewood, Cutaway, Pickup ($1,595)
“The Cathedral 125CEL 10-string guitar has exceeded my expectations in terms of tone, balance, volume, and playability. It is a wonderful guitar. The overall experience of playing it is as good or better than any other guitar I have played. I am extremely satisfied with the decision to purchase this guitar, and would recommend it to any other guitarist considering the move to 10 strings.

My preferred tuning has added an entire lower octave, and that additional octave combined with the cutaway gives me over well over full four octaves. This extended range opens up many pieces that are not accessible with a traditional six string guitar. Wish I had been able to purchase a guitar like this years ago. I love this guitar!”

Burton Ulrich
Paducah, Kentucky

Cathedral 125CEL Cedar / Mahogany, O-Port ($1,495)

“My classroom students enjoy playing this guitar, as do I!”

Matthew Nishimoto
Guitar Teacher, Coronado High School
Henderson, Nevada

Cathedral 125CEL Cedar / Mahogany, O-Port ($1,495)

“You may remember almost a year ago I purchased a Bartolex SPC10 10-string with lattice bracing and port. At that time I was doing my internship for certification as a CMP (Certified Music Practitioner). I bought this guitar because of the sympathetic resonance and the depth of having the four bass strings.

First of all the guitar sounded better and better as it opened up and became broken in. I played for over eighty patients one on one during my internship and there were many comments about its unusual string format and its beauty of aesthetics as well as sound. I now have my certification.

This past weekend I brought the 10-string to a conference in Asheville, NC for therapeutic musicians. I was asked to demonstrate it over and over among other therapeutic guitar players. (There are also other instruments as well as guitars there). All were very impressed.

This instrument is made for this kind of work, and I can't tell you how perfectly the 10-string works for me day after day. I never would have been able to afford to buy a 10-string if I had a hand-made one built for me. I totally support you in your vision of making these quality guitars available to people like me.”

Dennis Dominick
Queensbury, New York

Bartolex SPC10 Cedar / Indian Rosewood, Sound Port ($1,949)
“Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks again for the Cathedral Guitar Model 15 I bought in April last year. It's has a huge impact on my playing and the extent of my repertoire. I've used it at dozens of weddings and hotel gigs and even a couple of concerts. I still sometimes play the 6-string, but not often.

I've kept the Romantic tuning as it's so versatile. I will continue to recommend you and the Cathedral Guitar to everyone who shows an interest. You are doing a fantastic job in making these instruments so accessible. Hopefully, one day I'll be able to afford an alto as well.”

Jim Kelleher
Surrey, United Kingdom

CATHEDRAL Model 15 : Solid Cedar top / Solid Mahogany Back and Sides ($1,495)
“The Cathedral Guitar is perfect for solo performance because your options for expanded bass lines increases immensely. This creates an atmosphere and illusion of two separate instruments. I have chosen to pursue mostly lute repertoire on this guitar using the romantic tuning, and have been absolutely pleased with the result. Not to mention, it is much easier to tune and play than a lute, and the strings are easy to obtain; so it is the perfect alternative to an expensive lute. I also use the Cathedral for classical and romantic works, and I have been delighted by how well the bass fills out the overall sound.

So whether you play 6-string repertoire and use the extra bass strings for sympathetic resonance, or you actually pluck the bass strings like a lutenist, I can promise that you will not be disappointed. My college guitar professors have all been jealous of its capabilities, and that I never have to retune to "drop-D"! In fact, they were skeptical at first until they heard it, and saw what it could easily do. Throw limitations out the window with the Cathedral! A great, well-built instrument that is unique, affordable, and sets you apart from the rest of the pack. I wouldn't dare sell it; it's a keeper!”

Michael Gellings
Portland, Oregon

Cathedral Model 15 All-Solid Woods / Cedar Top / Mahogany Back/Sides ($1,749)
“The Milagro MRS10 is amazing. I feel like calling in sick for a month to stay home and play it.”

Brooks Bryan
Fairbury, Nebraska

Milagro MRS10 All-Solid Woods / Spruce Top / Indian Rosewood Back/Sides ($2,559)

“The Cathedral Guitar Model 15 exceeds my expectations in both sound and build quality.”

Franklin Morgan
Taylors, South Carolina

Cathedral 15 All-Solid Woods / Cedar Top/ Mahogany Back/Sides ($1,225)

“I've played the Sakurai / Kohno 10-String Conversion for probably six hours since it came yesterday and she is indeed EXCELLENT. I have played guitars that cost three times as much that did not play as well or sound as good. The sustain and resonance on this instrument are amazing. I truly could not be happier with the instrument. The Sakurai / Kohno can do what I imagined a 10 string could do. It is simply superb. It is easily one of the finest instruments I have ever played. I cannot tell you how happy I am with the instrument. I will be playing it next week in public for its maiden voyage.

I am also quite impressed with the Ameritage case. It fits the Sakurai like a glove and appears to be more than capable of protecting the guitar from the rigors of travel. Next to my old Mark Leaf case, I have not seen a case that appeared to offer the same level of all-around protection and at a fraction of what carbon cases cost. I've talked with an engineer from Los Alamos National Lab who has worked extensively with carbon fiber and he does not think that it is a material well-suited for guitar cases. It has great crush protection, is light, and has sex appeal, but is actually very poor at isolating the guitar from shock. I own many guitars, and I have more cases than guitars. The Ameritage is easily the best choice for the money and one of the best cases period, cost notwithstanding. I would not hesitate to fly with the Ameritage case.”

Greig Schneider, D.M.A.,
Los Alamos , New Mexico

1992 Sakurai / Kohno "Excellent" Cedar / Indian Rosewood, 10-String Conversion ($2,949)

“I received my Bartolex SPC10 yesterday, and the sound is fantastic and the action is perfect. Everything that you described regarding the sound and resonance has been 100% true. The finish and woods are fantastic as well. This is truly going to greatly enhance my ability to accomplish what I am after for resonance, as applied to Therapeutic Music. Your guitar has made it possible for me to acquire an instrument that has the sound quality that I need, and also one that I can afford. If I had to have one custom built, I wouldn't be able to have one today. Thank you for all of your help and input in helping me make my decision.”

Dennis Dominick
Queensbury, New York

Bartolex SPC10 Cedar / Indian Rosewood, Sound Port ($1,949)

“I received my Milagro MRC10 guitar last night in fine condition. The instrument plays beautifully -- and sounds out of this world. The low basses project much more tone out of the the body than I was expecting. Brilliant build and craftsmanship, a real joy to play, and a prize to look at. Thank you, for the safe delivery and professionalism in handling this instrument.”

Robert Moose
Miami, Florida

Milagro MRC10 Cedar / Indian Rosewood ($2,559)

“I recently purchased a fan-fretted Bartolex SRC8FEL 8-string guitar from BartolexUSA -- this guitar is amazing!!! The craftsmanship is of high quality, and the sound is warm and beautiful. This guitar also sounds great amplified, thanks to the onboard Fishman electronics, which also has a built-in tuner Ė no more worrying about carrying a tuner with me. It's great!

Transitioning from a regular 6-string classical guitar to an 8-string fan-fretted guitar can be intimidating, but my Bartolex is making this it as much fun as one could ask for. It's amazing how I have nice, low action without any buzzing. Having a low B on the 7th string and a low F# on the 8th string is bringing my chord harmony to a new level. Although one could tune it differently, this is the configuration I am sticking with.
Just about everyday I come up with a new chord using my new lower notes. It's awesome!

When I was inquiring about this guitar, Stephen Bright was great! Kudos for BartolexUSA for making these guitars available for a reasonable price. If you want to dive into the world of multi-string guitars, I highly recommend consulting with Stephen, as he will address all your concerns. Thanks so much!!!”

Nicolau Santos
Chicago, Illinois

Bartolex SRC8FEL Cedar / Indian Rosewood, Fan Frets ($1,995)

“I just wanted to let you know that I have received the Bartolex Alto 11c guitar a coupled of days ago and I am very pleased with it. The guitar is is very well built and is simply beautiful -- I love how it looks and how it feels. The basses are loud and the Sound Port actually DOES help in increasing the volume. The thickness of the neck is perfect and feels very comfortable. The low basses don't buzz, mainly because of the longer strings and the higher action, and the guitar is loud and resonant. The alto tuning makes the sound more lute-like. Overall, I am very pleased with the guitar.

And I must say I feel VERY thankful for people like you for making the dream of owning a multi-stringed guitar a reality. I never have thought I'd own two 10-string guitars and an 11-string alto guitar that sound and play great, without having to take out a second mortgage!!! Thank you again and it was a pleasure dealing with you.”

Adam Ghoneim
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Bartolex Alto 11c Cedar / Indian Rosewood, Sound Port ($2,199)
“I'm just writing to confirm that I received the guitar yesterday, September 15th, 2011. Thank you! It is beautifully crafted and has a lovely resonance. It is a joy to own a beautiful instrument. It's hard to put it back into its case after practising. My main focus now is to learn how to play so as to do the guitar justice. I'd also like to thank you for your informative website. I am new to the 10-string guitar and I have found your website to be the most enlightening and helpful.”

Jan Andrews
Victoria, Australia

Cathedral Guitar Model 125 Cedar / Mahogany ($1,249)
“I just want to tell you how happy I am with the Kohno 15 10-String conversion. The pictures and recordings did not do it justice. It is simply amazing. I own two wonderful custom double tops that I have not played for three weeks. I can not put this guitar down. The workmanship is next to perfect. I have never owned a Brazilian Rosewood guitar before but I now understand the attraction. The bases are so very dark, full and yet clear and separated. All notes are almost piano-like, yet warm and sweet. Thanks for all the emails, recordings and advise. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.”

Herman Raley
Cashmere, WA

1972 KOHNO 15 10-STRING CONVERSION Spruce / Brazilian ($4,495)

“The Ameritage Custom 10-String Case is just stunning in quality. Iīm very happy I decided to go for it.”

TorbjÝrn Weien
Oslo, Norway

AMERITAGE 10-STRING CASE 6-Ply Hardshell Custom Case ($339)

“I am VERY impressed with the Cathedral 125 guitar. It has shockingly good tone quality, playability, volume, and aesthetic beauty for the price. I am pleased to see such a quality, affordable instrument -- I think you will certainly help increase the number of extended-range guitarists in the world by selling these guitars. I think this will help unlock further creative potential within myself.”

Matt Hollier
Masters of Music, Classical Guitar Performance
University of Louisiana, Lafayette, LA

CATHEDRAL Model 125 : Solid Cedar top / Mahogany Back & Sides ($1,249)

“No question, I love this guitar! The Ramirez 1a 10-string conversion is one of the finest-playing guitars I own. The tone is pure Ramirez -- she sings; the sustain is Viagra. I could not be more pleased with this guitar. Thanks, Stephen, I am so glad I purchased this instrument.”

Peter A. Couturer
Greensboro, NC

1975 RAMIREZ 1a 10-STRING CONVERSION: Cedar top / Rosewood Back & Sides ($3,495)

“The Cathedral Model 15 is my first venture into the world of multi-string guitars. In many ways, I bought it as an experiment to see if I could supplement my 6 string repertoire with some more authentically voiced arrangements of Baroque and Renaissance music. What I hadn't expected was for the guitar to make such an impression on me so quickly. I have barely put it down since it arrived and I'm now rearranging my entire nylon string repertoire to be played on the Cathedral Guitar.

This guitar represents exceptional value. The build quality is superb and the under-stated appearance only enhances the beauty of the instrument. The cedar/mahogany combination gives the guitar a bright, but sumptuously warm tone with excellent separation across the strings. The low basses are clear and powerful and perfectly complement the clarity of the trebles.

The setup was very comfortable straight from the case and the BBand A2.2 system fitted to my guitar works very well, and is far superior to previous systems I have used. Nothing will ever beat the sound of a good condenser mic, but in a gigging situation, this system is perfect. Despite the very reasonable price tag, this guitar has exceeded all my expectations.

As well as fulfilling my gigging needs, I am very much looking forward to recording with it. Purchasing a guitar without playing it first is always a daunting prospect, particularly an unusual instrument, but Stephen Bright was able to put all my fears to rest with his excellent, knowledgeable and friendly advice. Without reservation, I would recommend Cathedral Guitars and the Model 15 to anyone wishing to broaden their musical palette.”

Jim Kelleher
Surrey, United Kingdom

CATHEDRAL Model 15 : Solid Cedar top / Solid Mahogany Back and Sides ($1,495)

“First of all the craftsmanship on this Cathedral Model 15 is outstanding. It is a beautiful guitar, parallel in quality with the most expensive guitars found on the market today. The sound has matured in the couple of weeks I have been playing it, to very clear and sweet sounding trebles and powerful and deep basses.

I would recommend this guitar to anyone considering entering the 10-string classical guitar field, as it is a very good instrument, at a very good price and value. Thank you very much Stephen for this beautiful instrument!!”

Lautaro Alvarez
New York , NY

CATHEDRAL Model 15 : Solid Cedar top / Solid Mahogany Back and Sides ($1,495)

“I've had my Bartolex SPS10EL 10-String guitar for about 2 months now, and I have to say that it's just a beatiful instrument. When I feel like playing, it's usually the first of my guitars I reach for.

I just turned 67, and I regret that I didn't find the 10-String much sooner in life. Any guitarist out there thinking about the world of multi-stringed guitars, I would highly recommend that you do get into it -- and I also would recommend Bartolex.”

Wayne Riddel
Winchester, KY

BARTOLEX SPS10CEL : Solid Spruce top / Sound Port / Cutaway / BBand Pickups

“Best Christmas ever! Got my Cathedral Model 15 just in time for Christmas, and I must say its a beautiful guitar. Very rich and lush-sounding, it is a quality instrument. Being my first 10-string I was somewhat worried it would feel "laboured" playing it, but that is not the case at all. It handles really well.

The dynamics are smooth across all 10 strings, and the deep basses are just what I expected. Being classically trained, this is a great instrument to perform music composed for the 10-string, but I would just as easily recommend this to pretty much anyone as a music-making generator. With the additional strings and different tuning options, novel chords and unusual harmonics quickly follow, and new music ensues. The service and communication rendered by Cathedral Guitars were excellent from day one. Heartly recommended.”

Hal Hagen
Oslo, Norway
CATHEDRAL Model 15 : Solid Cedar top / Solid Mahogany Back and Sides ($1,495)

“The Kohno/Sakurai Model 10 conversion is certainly impressive. The new 10 string adaptation certainly respects the the workmanship and style of the late Mr. Kohno and his successor, Mr. Sakurai. From the signature head pattern to the Kohno style double ebony stripes and finish, it is hardly distinguishable from the original except for the extra strings -- my other performance guitar is from the same maker, same year, and same model, so I know!

The sound, however, is the most impressive quality. It especially is suited to lute tunings and corresponding lute music for which I procured it. I do plan to experiment with Yepes' tuning sometime as well. Further, I am surprised by the fact that after only a few weeks I am almost completely adjusted to the different neck. I still am mystified how I can receive it the very next day after ordering, from half-way across the country. Thanks for providing this instrument with such speed and great condition.”

Roy Barger
Chattanooga, TN
CATHEDRAL GUITAR 10-STRING CONVERSION: Kohno/Sakurai Model 10 (Cedar / Indian, $3,500)

“Its been about seven months since I purchased my first Bartolex SLS10CEL 10-string, and I still can't put it down. The craftsmanship is breathtaking, and the tone is amazing. As I am also a recording engineer, the direct input with a built-in 3-band EQ, phase button, and tuner make recording a breeze. I strongly recommend this guitar to anyone who's considering purchasing a 10-string. Thank you so much, Stephen -- this guitar has added much enjoyment in my life!”

Heath Hartfiel
Austin, Texas
BARTOLEX SLS10CEL: Solid Top / Lattice Bracing / Spruce / 10-String / Cutaway / Electronics: BBand A6T

“When it comes to impeccable craftsmanship, sonic/tonal quality, and outstanding value, the Cathedral Model 15 10-string guitar by Bartolex integrates all three critical factors into one beautiful instrument. Many of the Baroque pieces I perform for church congregations around the country resonate more fully on the Cathedral 10-string, and lend an additional sense of authenticity to the music. I highly recommend the Cathedral 10-string guitar for any guitarist considering such an instrument. You won't be disappointed.”

Donn LeVie, Jr.
Author of Instrumental Influences: Reflections on the Classical Guitar from the Instrument's Most Influential Performers and Pedagogues, and It's All About HYMN: Essays on Reclaiming Sacred and Traditional Music for Worship
CATHEDRAL Model 15 : Solid Cedar top / Solid Mahogany Back and Sides ($1,495)

“THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, !!!!! OMG! Clearly it arrived . . . . It is even better than anticipated. (Quite overwhelmed at the moment). But wanted you to know the Cathedral Model 15 arrived unscathed.”

Eric Hartshorn
Oakland, CA
CATHEDRAL Model 15 : Solid Cedar top / Solid Mahogany Back and Sides ($1,495)

“I now have in my hands the very first Cathedral Model 15. I am thoroughly enjoying exploring the sounds of this 10-string guitar. I am new to the world of the 10-string guitar, but have found the switch relatively easy so far. The guitar is well-balanced, sounds great, stays in tune, and is a pleasure to play. I greatly recommend one of these Cathedral Guitars for those wanting to explore a multi-string guitar, as well as for experienced players that may want another 10-string guitar to accommodate a different tuning. Both Stephen & Neris are a pleasure to deal with, personable, professional & knowledgeable. High marks for this new line of Cathedral Guitars :-)”

Eduardo Martinez
Musician, Composer, Artist
CATHEDRAL Model 15 : Solid Cedar top / Solid Mahogany Back and Sides ($1,495)
“First off, I want to say, Thank You!!! This Cathedral Model 15 is a complete steal at this price. I would buy another one of these in a heart beat. This one's a keeper. Whatever it is you and Bartolex are doing. . . Keep Doing It!”

Lee De Falla
Watertown, WI
CATHEDRAL Model 15 : Solid Cedar top / Solid Mahogany Back and Sides ($1,495)
“Best wishes on the Cathedral line, you really do such a great service by offering this line. A few years ago, no one would have ever been able to find something this nice at such a reasonable price! I'll miss having a real concert Ramirez 10-string, but the Cathedral Model 15 sounds so nice, it doesn't feel like a tremendous step down.”

Leo Joseph
Birmingham, AL
CATHEDRAL Model 15 : Solid Cedar top / Solid Mahogany Back and Sides ($1,495)
“The instrument is absolutely beautiful, the workmanship is perfect and the 650 mm scale is very easy to play, but best of all is the sound of the guitar. I was expecting an instrument of high quality considering the price, but the sound of this guitar far exceeds my expectations! The trebles are sweet, and they sound beautiful; the midrange has excellent projection, and the basses have nice depth. Thank you for the excellent instrument!"

Vasco Passeira
Macau, China
SLC10: Solid top / Lattice Bracing / Cedar Top / 10-String
“Just got my new Bartolex SPS8FA el 8-string alto guitar. I am a guitarist -- but mostly a lutenist -- and since I really don't want to amplify lutes, I bought this guitar with the idea of tuning it in g with lute tuning, so I could use it on gigs where I need amplification. It worked better than I expected. The guitar is very resonant and sounds fantastic amplified. And the price was unbelievable for the quality of the instrument. Only took about a week to get used to the fan-fretting as well."

Scott Horton
La Folia,
Austin, Texas
SPS8FAel: Solid top / Sound Port / Spruce Top / 8-String / Fan Fretted / Alto / Electronics: BBand A2.2

"I am delighted with my new Bartolex MRS7Cel seven-string. It sings under the lightest of touches, the top end is crisp and clear and the bass end is magnificent. The best guitar I've had in 35 years of playing"
Will Beavan
Whitegate, Ireland
MRS7Cel: All Solid Woods / Ramirez Fan Bracing / Spruce top / 7-String / Cutaway / Electronics: BBand A6T

"The Bartolex SLS10  is an excellent companion to guitarists entering the wonderful world of 10-string guitar."
Perfecto De Casto
See Perf's Video Review of the Bartolex SLS10CEL

"I just received the Bartolex 10-String. It's incredible!! The set-up was excellent -- it played like butter. The notes were even and smooth, with good volume. The top is beautiful. The fretboard is beautiful, and the tuning keys appear to be of good quality. You are 100% first-class in your business!!!"

Leo Joseph
Birmingham, AL
SLS10CEL: Solid Top / Lattice Bracing / Spruce / 10-String / Cutaway / Electronics: BBand A6T

"My second Bartolex 10-string guitar arrived on Friday!! It's a beauty!! You are correct when you say the the quality has really stepped up on the Bartolex. The workmanship from top to bottom is excellent. The finish is beautiful. The fingerboard is very smooth and the neck is quite comfortable. The volume is very good, and quite balanced, too. I also appreciate your first-class service and knowledge!!!!"

Leo Joseph
Birmingham, AL
SLC10EL: Solid Top / Lattice Bracing / Cedar / 10-String / Electronics: BBand A6T

"I must say I'm very impressed with this guitar. I took it to work to teach today and it just filled the room with resonance! Plus, it freaked out my students when I pulled it out of the case. I will definitely put up a video soon, as soon as I get my brain re-adjusted again -- LOL! It's been awhile since I played anything with more than 7-strings other than oud. BUT I LOVE IT!!!!! I have nothing but good things to say about this guitar -- in fact, I like it so much I have just ordered a second one in All Solid Woods for acoustic recitals."

Nacio de Falla
Watertown, WI
SLS10EL: Solid Top / Lattice Bracing / Spruce / 10-String / Electronics: BBand A6T

"I picked up the guitar last night. I have several Eastman instruments, so I know how good a Chinese guitar can be at this price point and I had high hopes. This guitar exceeds my expectations in every way. The tone and volume are great for a brand new spruce top guitar. It should be amazing once it's played for a while. The bass strings are strong and clear. It's just exceptional, especially for the price. Thank you!"

Randy Wimer
SLS10CEL: Solid Top / Lattice Bracing / Spruce / 10-String / Cutaway / Electronics: BBand A6T

Bartolex All-Solid Wood 10-String Classical Guitar
"About a year ago I purchased the all-solid (Indian RW/cedar) Bartolex 10 string model.   The guitar has exceeded my expectations - I expected a student grade instrument, not a guitar with great playability and projection.  I should add that the guitar looks very nice cosmetically and the tuners have performed very well.  The fit and finish are superb.  The bass is profound without being overpowering.  I can make the trebles sing and have no problem keeping the outer voices of music distinct and focused.  I found the set-up to be excellent.  Overall, this is a very satisfying guitar to play for an advanced player.  

My duo partner liked my guitar so much that he rushed out and purchased a Bartolex 10 string with a spruce top.  The spruce top also proved to be a very good instrument and Len has posted a review on his Early Romantic Guitar website.  I enjoyed listening as Len played a few pieces by Weiss on both the cedar and spruce version.  The projection and clarity was excellent for each guitar. There is no reason that these guitars cannot be used for performance, they sound that good.  Thanks to Neris for having the vision to start this enterprise, he has done us all a great service in making quality 10-string guitars that are affordable. 
I should add that I just ordered a custom 11-string Alto model from Stephen Bright who is a well-known multi-bass guitarist based in Austin.  Stephen is now promoting and selling these guitars in the states."
Donn Dubois
Houston, Texas

"The Bartolex Alto-11 was delivered on Monday and it arrived unscathed.  Once the tuning settled in, it was a treat to play and adjusting to that one extra bass string was fairly easy.  Very sweet and penetrating sound and the bass/treble balance is very nice.   Surprising projection too, I played it for my wife and she thought the sound was superb. This guitar is ideal for renaissance and baroque lute music.  I like the 12-fret to the body design compared to the Bohlin guitars that are 10-frets to the body.  The guitar is elegant looking and it is definitely going to get played a lot (nice case too)."
Donn DuBois
Houston, Texas

"I just got a new 7 string made by Neris in his custom shop. This is the best guitar I have ever owned and as good as the best I've played..  It's a carbon fiber reinforced lattice braced guitar with a cedar top and carved rosewood, arched back and rosewood sides, and without cutaway. It has a double action truss rod and radius fretboard. What a gem, the finish is French polish and looks stunning. As for the sound it is nothing short of exceptional! It is rich, loud and well balanced across the entire range and also has an excellent wide tonal palette and dynamic range with excellent intonation. It is neither to bright and brassy nor to dull. These qualities give it a truly expressive voice making it a great solo instrument for classical, Brazilian, jazz etc. At the same time it would be equally happy in a louder ensemble or through a P.A. The other thing is the guitar has a Fishman Prefix Premium Blend pickup so can be used amplified with great results. I've tried a lot of nylon guitars with pickups and this is the best. The combination of a guitar that sounds excellent acoustically combined with a very good and versatile sounding pick up gives excellent results. It sounds far better amplified, especially for a real acoustic tone, than modern style acoustic electrics nylons (such as Godin, Taylor etc which I have also owned) and also better than other great quality classical guitars (with pick ups) I have tried such as Simon Marty's, though I'm sure the later would sound great with a better pick up.

"Prior to ordering this guitar from Neris I'd been looking for a concert standard nylon 7 string, or even a 6 string for a while. During this time I tried many guitars including the following, in order of price, which were all 6 strings, "Admira Elena EC" (good value for money), "Esteve GR12" (very good), "Jose Ramirez SP 1" (better), Simon Marty, Greg Smallman, and some other excellent hand made Australian lattice braced guitars, student models and concert. All these guitars were good,. although only up from the Ramirez could be considered real concert quality. "

"For me Neris's custom guitar fits somewhere between the Ramirez and the Smallman, I think I prefer it over the Simon Marty. What I really mean is that this guitar is up there with the best but has a unique character of its own which is totally likeable. The other thing is this guitar is brand spanking new and sounded great from day one. If it didn't get any better it wouldn't matter, I definitely don't need to wait to be happy."
Greg Macmillan
Christmas Hills, Australia

"I think that Neris Gonzalez has created the definitive nylon 7 string classical cutaway that every major builder will someday imitate... this is the best ready-to-perform violao i have ever seen! the quality of the woods & building materials, the specs & concept of the design as well as the choice of the BBand AT5 for it's electonic pickup = it is the best non-archtop 7 string classical i have EVER played! "
Robert A. Short

 Gotta tell you I'm enjoying the hell out of my Bartolex. I'm not good with it yet. But I'm loving the guitar. Which means I will get good with it.
It's funny how my brain has had no real trouble assimilating the 7th string tuned to A. But my hands are totally disoriented. If I try to play an open Am, I'll invariably grab an E with the left hand. And the right hand isn't much better. Apparently my hands and eyes have totally absorbed the guitar from the sixth string toward the floor. But I'll get it.

Sounds great. Plays great. Looks great. And you can quote me. Great value and lots of fun. And with that B-Band pickup, it's great to gig with.
Dan Kinter
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