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NEW Bartolex 10-String Classical Guitar

Concert Guitar with Solid Spruce Top


NEW Bartolex

10-String Guitar

Up for consideration is a wonderful-sounding 2010 Bartolex 10-String classical guitar, with all solid woods and a solid spruce top. This the new model Bartolex 10-String guitar, with lattice bracing, and it is from the same Bartolex line that I personally play. Click HERE for my review of my own guitar. Click HERE for 1270 Hi-resolution photos of this guitar. This is our concert model with all solid woods, and BBand A2.2 electronics. Here is a rare chance to get an all-solid wood concert 10-string guitar at a tremendous discount, without having to go on a waiting list!!!

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Bartolex is a guitar company founded by Argentinian luthier and guitarist Neris Gonzales, with production based in a high-quality Artisian Workshop in Hong Kong. The result is a great guitar design with high-quality woods and workmanship, at a very affordable price (Click here for my Cathedral Guitar Interview with Neris). Click here for additional Bartolex reviews 1 | 2 | 3. The sound, both acoustically and recorded, is wonderful. I personally am endorsing Bartolex 10-string guitars, because I have already played several dozen gigs this year on my own Bartolex guitar, and I'm continually astounded at how good these guitars are. I became the USA dealer to help get the word out on these great guitars. This guitar is the answer to my personal dream of having a quality 10-string guitar in standard production, at an affordable price -- and maybe it will be for you as well.

I have played and owned many multi-string classical guitars, and this instrument rivals, equals or surpasses many hand-made guitars currently selling in the 3k - 6k range. This guitar has a AAA-grade solid spruce top, solid East Indian Rosewood back & Sides, ebony fretboard, and creates a beautifully-balanced sound with rounded trebles, deep basses, and excellent resonance and sympathetic sustain.

I have the guitar tuned in Romantic/Baroque tuning, a standard 10-string tuning: 1-6 is normal, and 7-10 descend step-wise: 7=D, 8=C, 9=B, 10 =A. Strings By Mail has a great selection of 10-string sets and can put together custom sets for you at a discount over individual strings.

* Scale Length 660 mm
* Nut Width = 84 mm
* 12th Fret width = 100 mm
* Action Fret 1 = 3.5 mm
* Action Fret 10 = 4.5 mm
* Top = Solid Spruce
* Saddle, Nut = Bone
* Back/Sides: Solid East Indian Rosewood
* Fretboard = Ebony
* Finish: Lacquer
* Model: MLS10EL
* Hardshell case
* Made in Hong Kong

Here are several quick, 1-take MP3s of this guitar, tracked using a variety of mics (Wunder Audio CM7GT tube mics, Oliver Archut's C12VRX, and BLUE Woodpecker ribbon mic) into a Presonus ADL 600 preamp with a Rosetta 200 A/D converter. This is straight, pure signal with no additional EQ or effects. This guitar is very easy to record, and would make an excellent classical 10-string guitar for a CD, or for recording nylon-string guitar tracks in any musical style:

1 | Corn Yards (Scottish Renaissance,
Rowallen Lute Book, 1596-1657)

2 | Bianca Fiore (Cesare Negri,
1535-1604, Italian Renaissance)

3 | Attende Domine (Gregorian Chant,
10th C., Latin)

4 | Intonation Test (fretted note @
12th fret, followed by Harmonic)

5 | Parce Domine
(Latin Chant, + improvisation)

6 | Slane (Traditional Gaelic melody)

7 | The Call (Ralph Vaughan Williams,
English, 1872-1958)

8 | Improv

| Joy To The Person
(Anon., English Renaissance)

10 | Hertzlicher Jesu
(Johann Krieger, German 1598-1662)

11 | Packington's Pound (English
Renaissance, before 1596)

12 | Passion Chorale (Hans Leo
Hassler, German, 1564-1612)

13 | Resonance Test
(Showing Sympathetic Resonance)

14 | Pavan #1
(Luis Milan, Spanish Renaissance)

15 | Wascha Mesa (Hans Neusidler,
1508-1563, German Renaissance)

In short, this guitar is a great concert and/or recording guitar for any intermediate to advanced-level player, and it would make a great guitar for concerts, recitals, local gigs, as well as recording studio projects. It is also the ideal guitar for first getting into the world of Multi-String guitars, as it is relatively affordable, easy-to-play, and a great-sounding instrument.

This guitar is brand new, and was made earlier this month. Come visit us at GFA 2010 convention in Austin, TX

USA shipping is $40.00 via or FedEx Ground with included insurance, but shipping is free to USA Buy-It-Now customers. All sales are final, so please ask questions first. I do accept PayPal. Thanks for looking. This auction is for 2010 Bartolex 10-string classical guitar and hardshell case and microfiber polishing cloth. No other accessories are included.

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